Search Engine Optimization: A Beginner’s Guide

Search engine optimization (commonly abbreviated as SEO) is mentioned all the time on the internet by web professionals and casual users alike. The fact that search engine boosting techniques are spoken of so frequently is a testament to their role in maximizing the web ranking, traffic, and ultimately, the popularity of websites. However, the problem with such regular search engine ranking conversation is that it sometimes alienates individuals new to the practice; this inadvertent exclusion is unfortunate, but I believe a little bit of background knowledge can completely eliminate it.

That’s why I’ve created this brief guide explaining what exactly search engine optimization is, and what anyone unfamiliar with it should know.

Let’s take a look!

SEO’s a Means for Websites to Get Ahead

Essentially, search engine boosting techniques are a means for websites to get ahead of the competition on leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Billions of internet users search for businesses, services, entertainment, information, and more through the aforementioned search engines and others; the order in which websites appear on these engines, in response to a user’s search of a specific term, can, therefore, make or break a website’s popularity. For example, if an internet user searches for “cheap hotels in Maine”, a hotel website that’s well-versed on search engines may appear on the first page of results, and a hotel website that isn’t well-versed in search engines may appear on the fourth or fifth page, and accordingly, the latter site would receive less traffic and its hotel would receive less internet-driven business.

I know this information may seem like a lot at first, but it’s really rather straightforward.

A website that’s carefully and effectively optimized for search engines will appear higher up on results pages, and because of this point’s importance, an entire industry has formed to help maximize sites’ rankings and search popularity.

Many readers are likely wondering how exactly search engine optimization is boosted and added, and accordingly, I’ll explore this point next.

Search Engine Enhancements: Keywords, Ease of Use, and Other Metrics

Search engine enhancement techniques are comprised of keywords, a website’s ease of use, and many, many other metrics. For our purposes, we’ll be discussing the broader details of these techniques; to describe each of them precisely would be unnecessarily time to consume. Just as a plumber’s duties generally consist of fixing piping issues, but actually encompass countless other, more complex functions, so too do the duties of search engine ranking professionals.

Ranking keywords typically relate to a web user’s potential search engine inputs. For example, an Italian restaurant in Denver would be able to boost their search engine ranking by including carefully researched and placed keywords in their website copy.

A website’s ease of use plays a large role in determining its search engine ranking. Web sites that don’t function optimally and/or are difficult to navigate will typically be edited and properly formatted by any search engine professional tasked with boosting their rankings.

As was mentioned, every job looks simple from the outside; that is until one knows of all the potential pitfalls and considerations of a career, its required effort will not be entirely clear. Web optimization professionals assess and adapt to a wide variety of other metrics and points when boosting a website’s search engine ranking, and the specifics of these metrics and points can be found in many other articles and resources. Typically, simply knowing of their existence will suffice in conversation and discussion.

Search Engine Optimization: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I like to think of search engine enhancements as an exercise for websites. Crazy, I know, but let me explain.

With some tough initial effort (just as new exercises must administer to “get back in the swing of things”), a website can be generally formatted in ideal fashion for search engines. Then, just like with exercise, search engine ranking success can be maintained with consistency; a body or a website that’s in solid condition can keep or improve this condition with a bit of work daily. Finally, as anyone who’s gained a couple pounds can attest to, failing to administer daily, smaller-scale measures in terms of diet and exercise can result in something of a “pile-up”, or an accumulation of progressively enlarging problems; the same is true of search engine enhancements.

In short, search engine placement is like an exercise in that when it’s consistently maintained and worked towards, it’s the gift that keeps on giving; when it’s not consistently maintained and worked towards it can be a detriment to any web presence.

Hopefully, this information helped you to learn about SEO’s basic definition, functions, and importance. Thanks for reading!