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Aluminum Trench Boxes

Aluminum Trench Boxes For Sale

Aluminum trench boxes are created constructions which are made of aluminum that are altered to shield utility employees when they are working in a trench. We assemble aluminum trench boxes for sale with each box in distinct sidewalls to ensure a variation in their thickness. This will provide variety for them to pick from due to the fact that they are not limited to a particular type of thickness. These aluminum cartons are usually carried apart using metal spreader which is flexible to make it easy to interchange them when demand arises based on the width of the trench which you are working with. This aluminum shoring system is therefore important and challenges considerably on the energy employees safety when in the trenches. It is known that aluminum trench boxes could not be used when working in every trench size but we work towards understanding all of your needs because this really is critical with regards to the trench type that you’re required to shore up. Strong enough to keep trench workers safe from injuries or unstable soil, yet lightweight for easy transportation and assembly, aluminum trench boxes, are ideal for smaller jobs in place of steel trench boxes. Also known as trench shields, aluminum trench boxes are engineered to offer the protection and security for excavation that steel trench boxes provide, but are less than half of the weight.

Aluminum Trench Boxes | Lightweight

These high quality aluminum trench boxes that are lightweight enough to be used with rubber-tired backhoes, yet still protect your workers from potential cave-ins or injuries. After a detailed research on what on what could implement to keep people risk-free on construction locations and we all came down to a single thought, find a method to offer the equipment is needed at cost-effective pricing. Even though these tools are not cheap, they have their advantages. The universal system can be used in a range of configurations to satisfy any shoring difficulty, particularly trench shoring in bad soil conditions or near adjacent structures. This equipment is made from high-strength steel, which makes it possible to design for most soil conditions, even if groundwater exists. Enquire should be made at your local branch about digging and drag boxes, hydraulic shoring and accessories.

The aluminum shield systems supply optimal flexibility and ease of use for excavation professionals. These versatile systems can be easily assembled and are offered in panel lengths varying from 2-8 feet. For optimum versatility, the system can be utilized as a two, 3 or four-sided configuration. These system has slide rail system has panels that pivot into place instead of having to be raised and over the post to put them, which minimizes setup time and makes it possible for contractors to use smaller sized excavators. There are risks of Trenching and Excavation and events involving mobile equipment. Trench collapses cause dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries each year. There is a wide range of trench protecting and shoring devices, consisting of hydraulic shoring, aluminum trench guards, light-weight steel trench shields etc. for use on those projects that require an extraordinary depth rating. A trench is a narrow excavation, not more than 15 feet wide at the bottom. If you set up types, Shields are also called trench boxes and trench shields.

Lightweight and modular aluminum trench boxes are built strong. The panels are 3′ high and stackable for deeper excavations. This aluminum trench shield and trench shoring system comes in various lengths and can easily be transported in a pickup truck. The Aluminum trench boxes for sale are lightweight trench boxes ranging from 150 lbs. to 544 lbs. Aluminum trench boxes are designed to be lightweight enough to be used with rubber tire due to OSHA compliant to ensure the safety of workers and versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications.

Aluminum Boxes | Municipalities and Contractors

Aluminum trench shields are designed specifically for municipalities and contractors use rubber tire backhoes for smaller excavators or trenching. They are made of lightweight smooth double wall aluminum each three-inch sidewall is constructed of foam filled eight-inch extrusions which prevent dirt build-up. In reduces friction, Aluminum trench boxes comes with either a flat bottom for extruded aluminum 9 feet shield includes a professional engineered depth certification. Telescope and spreader sets come in a wide variety of sizes and accessories such as polling and lifting lugs which makes it easy to handle the shield. Aluminum trench box is ideal for a variety of situations such as municipal maintenance an emergency repairs or small utility projects. Due to our depth of knowledge in this industry, we know sometimes you need a steel trench box and sometimes you want an aluminum trench box, so we offer both. Well, all of the factors we have outlined are good reasons. With that in mind, there are numerous reasons that make our company the ‘go to’ company within our business.

Trench Shoring Systems Excavation

A trench box is designed as a temporary earth retaining structure allowing the sides of the excavation to be cut vertical or near vertical. This quick and easy method ensures ground stability within a trench and helps to minimize the excavation area to avoid damage to neighboring structures and utilities in the ground. The primary function of any trench support method is to protect people from caving ground. The secondary function is to provide support to nearby structures and allow equipment access to the work. For deep trenches the most feasible and cost effective support method should be devised by weighing different alternatives for trench method of excavation, pipe laying, back-fill, schedule and obstructions. In any given project several trench support methods may be used to accommodate different conditions. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to the process of selecting and designing a trenching support method. The first steps are to read the plans, specifications and geo-technical reports to understand the constraints and conditions that will be encountered.

Where the soil will not remain open without caving, a form of trench support can be utilized. Temporary support methods such as trench boxes or hydraulic shoring have been utilized. Trench boxes are generally used in open areas, it is a structure that supports the sides of an excavation and is designed to prevent cave-ins. Trench boxes are different from shoring because, instead of shoring up or otherwise supporting the trench face, they are intended primarily to protect workers from cave-ins and similar incidents. The excavated area between the outside of the trench box and the face of the trench should be as small as possible. The space between the trench boxes and the excavation side are back-filled to prevent lateral movement of the box. The permeability of the geologic material must be low enough to avoid the necessity of de-watering for these methods to be successful. For most shallow trenches bracing system should be used. For the utility trench excavations, cross-trench bracing is used, but it somewhat restricts the work area.

Prefabricated trench boxes are used to maintain trench integrity during excavation and back-filling operations. These can be quickly setup and placed in a section of trench. The trench box is slid along the trench with excavation occurring just ahead of the trench box and back-filling occurring in the back half of the trench box. Hydraulic shores can also be used to provide additional stability to the trench until it is back-filled. The temporary shores are placed in the excavation immediately after the trench is excavated to provide a temporarily supported trench between the excavation and back-filling operations.

Aluminum Trench Boxes for Sale

Where to Find Trench Boxes for Sale

Are you seeking trench boxes for sale of high quality and affordable? Well we have the finest options for you seeing your needs. We provide new trench boxes on the market which are straight priced enabling you to save much of your money and time thus functioning as an extra advantage for you. Moreover, we provide affordable shipping rates and we’re flexible to ship the trench boxes everywhere regardless of your current place. With us, you’re assured of quality trench boxes that’ll serve you accordingly and ensure you success in your building project. We also make funding available for you thus less difficulties as you purchase them

What are These Trench Boxes

Trench boxes refer to developed structures which are made of steel that are modified to shield utility employees when doing their jobs during a trench. Our business constructs each box in different sidewalls so that their thicknesses vary. This produces assortment for you to pick on because you are not restricted to some special kind of depth. These boxes are then carried apart by the utilization of steel spreaders which are elastic to be able to interchange them when demand arises according to the breadth of the trench you might be working with. This steel shoring method is therefore significant and stresses substantially on the utility employees safety when in the trenches

We recognize that at instances the need to get steel trench defend appears and therefore we ensure this is provided in excellent time for your use. We purpose at understanding all of your needs because that is critical in terms of the trench kind that you will be required to shore-up. We thus make the steel shields accessible for you yourself to avoid instances of annoyances. After making a selection on the specifications you will need, we are happy to supply them at the place that you will be within the period requirements you give.

New Or Used Trench Boxes | Which to Purchase

In terms of selecting what trench shoring boxes to buy, it really is vital to consider the kind of task you might be working on along with the sum of building job needed. Moreover, you are required to take a look at the full time duration the task may take and the expense of the job. Maintaining this in mind may enable you choose the best steel shoring method that will serve you economically based on your needs. Like other building equipment, it’s common for the trench boxes to expertise wear and split and thus as you create a choice on which to purchase it is necessary to retain factors on them

However, some ditches may possibly have now been employed at least once every so often in the proper manner so that they’re still in good shape. This maybe if the trench box wasn’t employed around or wasn’t exposed to quite harsh conditions and thus contemplating this one in good shape also can be more affordable than purchasing a brand new one. Nevertheless, selecting on one that may provide inferior stuff as the end product is much deterring and so in this case it is advisable to select on a brand new one that can provide quality results for you

Concluding Thoughts

In terms of buying this trench shoring boxes it is crucial that you be attentive to prevent selecting one that has misplaced shape and will not serve you perfectly. As you prepare to purchase one, you need to figure out the amount of money you’ve together with the type of building job that you will be having at hand. With this at heart, contemplating us to offer you with quality trench boxes may become an investment for you

Lightweight Steel Trench Boxes

Lightweight Steel Trench Boxes | Benefits

Lightweight steel trench boxes provides a safe working area for pipe laying operations. They are specifically designed to be used with smaller excavators with a limited lifting capacity. They are also used as a top section for deeper excavations. Lightweight steel trench boxes are a robust piece of equipment, which acts as a trench safety shield to provide a safe working area below ground level.

Here are some advantages of lightweight steel trench boxes:

-2 persons can carry the system

-Suitable for stable and friable/cohesionless soils

-Avoids breaking of trench edges, destruction of road surface and slipping of paving slabs

-High-strength steel, no corrosion, no waste

-The steel sheet couplings allow adjustment during lowering of the pipes

Configuring Lightweight Steel Trench Boxes

Lightweight steel trench boxes are connected together rigidly by couplings to form large shoring units. The aluminum trench box is mainly used for trenches up to 4 m deep and secures the trench edge to prevent slides. Aimed at providing our customers with a straightforward box assembly, box panels and telescopic struts are built with simple ‘pin & clip’ arrangements. This enables easy adjustment for strut change overs and box panel extensions to achieve the required trench widths and depths. Installation is easy through the ‘Dig and Push’ method. This ensures that the side walls of the excavation are supported, and minimizes the likelihood of an accident. The panels are 3m long by 2m deep with a width range of 720mm to 1720

mm which can be altered using telescopic struts these are secured in place using the ‘Pin and Clip’ system, which connects all components. Lightweight & robust, trench depths of 4.2m are achievable for the Backhoe Box and 5.6m for the standard Box. The 25mm incremental strut adjustment negates the need for alternative spindle strut options, which are often heavy, complicated & less robust. Achieving closer trench width dimensions, when compared to other telescopic struts on the market, can mean considerable cost savings to our customers by reducing back-fill material requirements.

Trench Shoring Boxes

All About Trench Shoring Boxes

Excavation services are undertaken thousands of times every day throughout the US. Trench box devices are often used to secure the work area by ensuring ground stability. Because of the risk of accidents in the work area, the trenching equipment’s must comply with the laws and regulations governing trenching and excavation activities. Trench Shoring Boxes is a leading player in the shoring industry. The company offers a range of safe and durable trench boxes made from steel and aluminum to ensure worker safety. The products include:

• Aluminum trench boxes
• Trench and manhole boxes
• Aluminum hydraulic shoring
Steel trench boxes

The boxes feature sidewalls of varying thickness as well as interchangeable steel or aluminum spreaders. The rent to own steel boxes offered by the company feature reinforced knife edge, pounding pads, all steel design and vertical and horizontal steel members for maximum strength. The aluminum trench shoring boxes are great for light repair work and scheduled maintenance service. The wide ranging Kundel lightweight aluminum shoring equipment boxes are available in different stackable range and sizes.

Kundel boxes are all compliant with OSHA regulations and standards for hazardous working conditions. The products include TuffGuy and V-Panel. The TuffGuy box series features durable panels and steel made end members, which are specially designed to ensure maximum protection in the trench. The panels are also independently and vertically adjustable. The Kundel V-Panel is mostly used for working around crossing utilities. The other product brand sold and leased by the company is ShoreLite.

Choosing the Right Trench Shoring Boxes

When choosing trench shoring boxes, you definitely want something that is in great shape and can hold up well to prevent accident or injury. Buying or renting the right shoring equipment can be tasking because there are many types of equipment of different sizes. Our company offers a wide of systems for rent and purchase. The decision on what to buy or lease is usually dependent on factors such as cost, type of assignment and crew comfort. The amount of money a contractor is willing to pay in order to buy or rent shielding equipment largely depends on the financial strength of the utility company as well as the amount of work the contractor wants to cover.

It is very important to pick a tool that fits the intended assignment. To do this more effectively, you need to look at factors such as depth of the excavation, soil stability and ground pressure from the adjacent structures as well as ground water. The soils are generally classified as Type A soils, Type B soils and Types C soils based on the composition. Since the weight of the soil cannot be supported by human strength, it is important to choose a safe and fully operational. Damages and defects on protective equipment’s must never be overlooked because of the dangers they pose. This is why our company supplies aluminum and steel trench box that are safe and of the highest quality to meet the needs of the excavation and shoring industry.

Equipment Safety

Excavation work involves significant digging and pacification; for this reason, workers must also wear protective gear to ensure personal safety. Trenches pose a big danger because of the risk of trench collapsing and trapping workers and equipment. The use of unsafe shoring equipment can also hinder work progress and lead to the loss of many man hours. To protect workers, our company’s boxes are created with longer panels and stronger rails to create longer clearance capacity. The boxes also feature braced partitions that are specially built to prevent the risk of collapsing.

Contractors should also have their boxes inspected regularly by a professional. The devices should be inspected for signs of cracks in welds, deformed plates, bent struts and tension cracks for the ground around trenches. In case you are using hydraulic shoring equipment, you need to make sure the hydraulic pistons that push against the trench walls are checked regularly to ensure they operate as they should. The other areas that require close scrutiny include leaks in cylinders and hoses, broken nipples, bent bases and cracked sheathing. All faults must be reported to the supervisor.

To Buy or Rent

Renting is often considered more viable, if the prevailing work involves constant shifting. For instance, the work requirements for boxes and slide rails may vary from one season or type of project to the other. Since new shoring equipment’s are expensive, many contractors prefer hiring used equipment’s. Contractors who prefer purchasing their own equipment’s can easily take advantage of the tax laws which permit deductions associated with insurance, coverage, fees, licenses, refurbishments and price depreciation.

Our Business Advantage

The boxes and bracing equipment’s offered by our company are inspected and certified by engineers. The company provides a lease to own arrangement which is very cost effective to contractors. The arrangement gives contractors the opportunity to try the equipment’s before making full payment. The contractors are also allowed to rent the boxes for shorter and longer periods. The boxes can also be replaced or returned if they do not measure up to the assigned task. The company is also responsible for the maintenance work. The benefits of buying or renting our trenching equipment’s include:
• Financing arrangements
• Availability of new and used boxes
• Shipping anywhere
• Rent or own a trench box arrangement
• Access to affordable equipment’s through direct pricing
• Delivery services available on request.


The crews for our trench shoring boxes are trained to work in a safe setting without worrying about risks like cave-ins, falls, falling loads and hazardous atmosphere every project is undertaken professionally. The shoring equipment’s are safe and easy to install because they are pre-engineered using high quality materials that can withstand intense pressures and movements. All our shoring operations follow OSHA safety guidelines to ensure customers get value for their money, no matter the size of the job.

Besides selling and renting shoring equipment, we also provide technical, maintenance and operational training to clients and contractors who buy or lease our equipment’s. Our operations cover a wide geographical area thanks to a vast a vast vendor network. You can easily get in touch with Trench Shoring technical team by phone or email for consultations and assistance.